Black Label Feminine Pheromones by Cobeco Pharma

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Boost your sex appeal with Cobeco Pharma's Female Pheromones. This black-colored sensual scent is formulated with pheromones to attract and stimulate desire. The unique blend of ingredients enhances your natural body scent, making you more irresistible to your partner. Use it as a perfume to feel confident and sexy, or apply it to your pulse points for a more alluring effect. Trust in Cobeco Pharma's top-quality products to reignite the passion in your relationship. Get your hands on Female Pheromones today and start turning heads.

This tempting Eau de Toilette contains a balanced combination of ingredients which have the same effect as pheromones.
CP Female Pheromones has a fresh and sweet undertone and stimulates the sensual desire in men.

Mysterious scentless chemical factor that creates positive responds to your environment.
They are natural erotic aromas which have a psychological arousing effect and invisible to the naked eye.
Through body scent we subconsciously, receive a special feeling about that man or woman.
The own body aroma is undetectable to the human nose, but is detected by the subconsciousness.

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