Orgie Ultimate Elixir for Seduction

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Discover the Secret Seduction Elixir 10 In 1, a 200 ml bottle of pure pleasure from Orgie. This unique elixir contains 10 different ingredients that work together to enhance your sexual experience. From aphrodisiacs to menthol and warming agents, this elixir will stimulate all your senses and bring you to a whole new level of eroticism. Just a few drops are all you need to achieve the ultimate seduction. Boost your sex life and bring the passion back with the Secret Seduction Elixir 10 In 1. Order now and explore the pleasures that await you!
10 in 1 pheromone elixir for skin and hair!
Specially developed for women who love being seductive. The formula with active pheronones, argan oil, panthenol and coconut oil highlights and intensifies the hair and skin’s beauty. 200 ml. 10-in1:
1. Moisturising cream
2. Gives the skin a delicate satin shimmer
3. UV protective filter
4. Aphrodisiac scents
5. Active pheromones
6. Anti-split
7. Anti-frizz
8. Protection for coloured hair
9. Gives hair more volume and makes it velvety smooth
10. Perfects the hair and skin feeling
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