Zolo Strike with Style Green Pocket Pool.

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The Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter is the perfect addition to your solo play. In striking green color, this masturbation tool is part of the Zolo brand's innovative collection. Made from high-quality materials, it's designed to deliver intense sensation with its unique inner texture. And with its compact, pocket-sized design, it's convenient to take with you anywhere. Get the pleasure you deserve with the Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter. Order now!
Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter Green. There are six different Pocket Pool stroking sleeves. These cleverly packaged sleeves are ideal for the man-on-the-go, amusingly resembling pool balls they can be perfectly displayed with the help of the fishbowl or 6-pack display packs. Design Features: - Each of the six textures offers a unique sensation that amplifies sexual pleasure. The proprietary Zolo Pocket Pool material is soft and stretchy to snugly fit any man. Can be used as a stroker, glove, or to encase a toy for added stimulation and pleasure.
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