Tenga Rolling Head Cup Red Silicone.

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Experience intense pleasure with the Tenga Rolling Head Vacuum Cup! Made from high-quality silicone, this cup boasts a unique rolling head feature that provides mind-blowing sensations. Its vacuum function creates a tight grip, heightening your pleasure and bringing you closer to orgasm. The cup is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, making it easy to grip and maneuver during your intimate moments. Add this red-colored Tenga Rolling Head Vacuum Cup to your collection and enjoy the ultimate satisfaction it brings. Shop now and enhance your solo or partnered play!
Twist, roll, left, right, back, forth... EXPLODE! The phenomenal Rolling Head Cup delivers impossibly exciting sensations, gripping you ever tighter in its wonderful lotion reservoir. Welcome to the Greatest Orgasm in the World! A sensual sensation like never before, made possible by adoption of a rolling head. With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible with this onacup, including back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling movements. You can also enjoy motions that you have never before experienced - a combination of rolling motions at the top and piston movements at the base of this TENGA Onacup. A new sensual sensation is also yours as you stimulate the sensitive head during and after ejaculation. Length: 15,5 cm Color: Red
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Mean Diameter (Centimetres)7.1
Weight (Kilograms)0.15
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